About us

     I was thirteen when I saw first time  a Cornish Rex cat and felt in love atonce.

     I've got my first Cornish Rex female, a blue-cream tortie kitten, Xena in 1999. This time I'd an old Thai cat too. In the spring of 2000 the second Cornish Rex, a blue male, Fandarell arrived to our family. They lived together in love, but in May,  2000 our beloved Szandi, the Thai cat leave us. He was 16! Unfortunatelly one year leater we lost Fanci in an impossible accident.

      The breeding in our cattery named Wavy Velvet was started in 2006. Today we've three cats. One male and two females.

      My sons, Peter (15) and Mate (1,5) love our cats very much too.

      I hope you'll find some interesting information about the Cornish Rex breed ,  about our cattery and our cats on my site.

      You are wellcome.

      Regards, Marina